Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh, hi

It's been almost four months since I posted anything on here! Wow! Where in the world did the time go?

Well...let's see...what have I been up to?

Summer was good. Went to Minneapolis at the beginning of June and then came back via a circle tour of the Great Lakes. Saw Lakes Superior and Huron for the first time. Spent some time on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is gorgeous. Also got to see Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan which is seriously one of the most incredible places I've ever seen.

Went camping a couple of times, once to Cook Forest with my mother-in-law Barb and Danielle's nieces Emma & Candace. THAT was an awesome adventure! We went tubing down the Clarion River which is always fun! Then a couple weeks later, we went with our dear friends Andy and Jenn to Beaver Meadows in the Allegheny Forest which was also a blast.

Over Labor Day weekend, Danielle and I went to Myrtle Beach to visit my dad and MaryJo. We also took Candace, which was so much fun. She had an incredible time, and so did we. My dad and MaryJo were kind enough to set up Scotty the camper up for us, so we were able to stay right on the beach. So much fun. I love that place. LOVE it.

At the end of September, Danielle, Aaron, and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Granger Community Church in South Bend, Indiana for Innovate '09, which was an awesome conference.

And then just a couple weekends ago, my best friend Chris and I traveled to Washington, DC to celebrate our friend Michael's birthday. He's been a dear friend of ours since we were in college in Daytona Beach many moons ago. He married a beautiful young lady names Toyosi and they had a spectacularly gorgeous and joyous Nigerian wedding. It was awesome. I've never had so much fun at a wedding that wasn't my own. It also made me loathe American culture. LOL. These people DEFINITELY know how to celebrate. Wow!

Over the course of these months, little Candace turned 3, my nephew Sebastian turned 19, my niece Cordelia turned 11, and my nephew Sheffield turned 2. And on Tuesday, my nephew Spencer turns 9...on the 19th, my niece Sara turns 18...on December 10 my niece Miranda turns 18...and on December 15, Danielle's niece Emma turns 5. December also marks birthdays for my sis-in-law Brandy and my sis Di. And our "nephews" Eli and Owen. Wow. I got tired just typing all that.

Work is going fine. I am still at the bank and also at Grace doing video work. Ministry is absolutely where my heart is, so I continue to pray daily that a door will open somewhere -- somehow. I am very grateful to be working (Danielle too), especially now when so many people have lost their jobs. Times are tough, but thank God - Danielle and I are doing very well for ourselves right now. Better than ever, to be honest. God has blessed us so much. He is so incredibly faithful!!!

Now, I look forward to the months ahead. I love this time of year! Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, snow, lake's definitely my favorite time of year. Danielle and I celebrate THREE years of wedded bliss next month. Wow! It seems like only yesterday. No, seriously, it does.

And that has been 2009 in a nutshell by Dave Hartland. Thank you for reading.